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The Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom


Weekly Prayers

Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom

From the Office of the Grand Priory Chaplains

Fr Kevin Bell.

Dear Fellow Templars,                                                                              7th June 2019.

From time to wherever I am I sometimes take the time to remind people in prayer, sermon and song, that there is in the heart of God a special place for widows and orphans. The spiritual masters who wrote the Old Testament knew this by heart. The spiritual masters who wrote the New Testament knew this by heart: as did St Bernard who wrote The Rule for the original Knights Templar. He knew this by heart and so did those soldiers of Christ. For we sometimes forget that they were familiar with war and the consequences of war. Widows were as familiar as trees and orphans were as common as birds.

For me, the strength of the Jewish faith and the Christian faith; is indeed, their ability to look the bereaved in the eye and not simply pass by because it’s all too difficult to even begin. Why else do we wear a small red cross on our lilywhite mantles, if not to remind us that we are called to purity of life and purpose, not in spite of suffering but through it and because of it!

In so many ways, we embrace the rain and the sunshine, we live with the suffering and the joy, we weave the red cross into our white mantle, we pray in the heat of hurt and regret, we pray in the cool refreshing breeze that lifts our sails with joy and restores the hope of coming home to a safe harbour.

In everyway, the heart that gives a damn is the heart of a true man. A man like Moses, or Jesus, a man like Bernard and even a man like the first Grand Master of the original Poor Knights of Christ.

Or indeed a woman like Mary Magdalene for whom those first knights held such affection because she went to the tomb to look deep into her own bereavement, only to be met with an even deeper joy. Bless her, bless them and bless you for seeking and building a heart that is true, a heart with a special place for widows and orphans. Amen+

Please remember at some time those on our prayer list and for others being looked after in care homes, hospitals, at home and those who care for them; the dearly departed, and those who mourn for them.

Love and prayers,

Fr Kevin.