Knights Templar

The Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom


Weekly Prayers

Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom

From the Office of the Grand Priory Chaplain General:

Fr Joseph Fernandes                 23rd June 2017.

What is your most important relationship? Whom do you love the most? The right answer is Jesus, but what is your own lived answer? What does the evidence of your life show? If, however, Jesus asks us to love him more than our own parents and children, our own flesh and blood, then he also does so with everything else about our lives. There can only be one primary relationship in our lives and Jesus says it is to be him. It challenges us to make a choice. Does that mean we must reject our parents, our children, our spouses, and all other love interests? No, that’s not what Jesus is saying or asking. What he is saying is that he is our priority, but not at the expense of others. That one relationship gives us identity and our lives meaning and direction. It becomes the lens through which we see the world, each other and ourselves. It is the foundation on which we build our lives. It guides the choices we make, the words we say, and the ways in which we act and relate. It sets a trajectory for our lives and determines how we love. We love each other best when we love God most.

  • Everlasting God, in face of recent terrorist attacks and the tragedy at the Grenfell Tower, we ask for your continuing love and compassion on all who have been affected. Where there is division, hatred and injustice, may you bring about reconciliation, peace and unity. We particularly pray for oue Muslim brothers and sisters.
  • Strengthening God, we pray especially for Christians throughout the world who face daily persecution. Comfort and encourage all who suffer harassment, violence, imprisonment and even death for being followers of Jesus.
  • Loving God, at times your son offers us hard choices; to choose sometimes between the closest ties of earth and loyalty to him. Free us from making decisions that are for our comfort or for the approval of others. Help us to understand that good choices don’t always lead to the easiest outcomes.
  • Gracious God, we pray for the sick and suffering. For those undergoing treatments and surgery, for those convalescing and those who are recovered, that through our intercessions they may all experience a full recovery.
  • Servant God, help us as an Order, to seek the service of your Church, to love your Church, to enact a model of life as laid out by your servant Bernard of Clairvaux, to fight the good fight, and to stand beside our brothers and sisters, in fellowship and discipleship.

God bless,

Fr Joseph.

Not unto us O Lord, not unto us, but to your name be the Glory.