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Weekly Prayers

Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom

From the Office of the Grand Priory Chaplains

Fr David James.

No freedoms without sacrifice.                                                                          13th April 2019.

Carved into the north porch pillars at Worksop Priory are hundreds of small crosses. Some are incomplete, having only the vertical, others are complete, having both vertical and horizontal arms. They were put there by those departing from mass as they began their arduous and dangerous journey from Nottinghamshire to Jerusalem. Those which are complete (about 30%) represent those who came back alive and who in thanksgiving came to worship and adore the God for whom they had risked life itself.

Soon we will be following the footsteps of Jesus as he wins for us the ultimate victory over human sin, folly and disintegration. The Cross is the statement, above all else, of the extent God will go in his commitment to endow us with true freedom, freedom to live as daughters and sons.

I would exhort you to share in the liturgy of the church at this time, to make real space for reflection and prayer, worship and adoration. The services of Holy Week are one long unfolding story of Gods redemptive work: we all need to share in them over and over again, to realise their power and grace.

For Templars this must be the lived experience of our inner life: the Red Cross we wear emblazoned upon our mantles isn't a show piece, to be worn as we process around. Rather it's the symbol and sign of the commitment and commission to stand for freedom, particularly in our service of the oppressed.

At our recent Annual Gathering it was noted that women are under represented in our Order. The emphasis on conflict and battle may not be appealing to them, so we are reminded of the need to balance these actions with those of service, care and nurture, (not that these are gender specific!). These virtues are not achievable without sacrificing self.

There are no freedoms won without sacrifice. We know this in our hearts. May we live it more fully in our lives.

"We adore you O Christ and we bless you, for by your Cross and passion you have redeemed the world"

Let our thoughts and prayers be with those in hospitals and care homes, and those who care for them.

God bless,

Fr David