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Weekly Prayers

Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom

From the Office of the Grand Priory Chaplains:


Fr. William Clocksin.         16th March 2018.


Many of us are familiar with the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on the days before Passover: Jesus riding on a donkey, the people strewing palm branches and their cloaks on the ground before him, the joyful celebration.But scholars of history and theology tell us that Jesus’ procession into Jerusalem was not the only procession the city saw that day.  In the year 30 AD, Roman scribes record that the governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate, led a procession of Roman cavalry and centurions into the city of Jerusalem. It was a bigger and better procession that gathered a much larger crowd than that strange rabbi on the back of a donkey from the east gate.   Imagine the spectacle.  From the western side of the city, the opposite side from which Jesus enters, Pontius Pilate leads Roman soldiers on horseback and on foot. Soldiers clad in leather armour polished to a high gloss, helmets gleaming in the bright sunlight, swords at their sides; each carrying a spear or a bow, a sling of arrows across his back. The rumble of war horses and chariots on the cobblestones, drummers beat out the cadence of march. The two processions could not be more different in the messages they convey.  Pilate, leading Roman centurions, asserts the power and might of the empire of Rome which crushes all who oppose it. Jesus, riding on a young donkey, embodies the peace and tranquillity that God brings to His people. Those who watch that day will make a choice.  They will either serve the god of this world, might and power; or they will choose to serve the king of a very different kind of kingdom, the kingdom of God.

So, we should pray carefully about the choices we make and the spiritual cloaks we wear, and how like those celebrating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, we may lay down our cloaks before Christ. We have all protected ourselves — cloaked ourselves — in something that we spiritually wear wherever we go. Maybe it is fear, anger, guilt, regret, control and power, sorrow, perfectionism, prejudice, pride, the need for approval. There are so many of these cloaks, enough to fill a huge wardrobe. What is it that we are holding onto so tightly? What’s stopping us from laying down these cloaks before Jesus? What would happen if we let go? What would happen if we trusted God more than we trust ourselves?

Remember, my Sisters and Brothers, to pray for those known to us in need of love, healing and comfort.

With all blessings,

Fr William.