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Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom

From the  Grand Priory Chaplains

Lenten Reflection and Prayer by Novice Geoffrey Adams.

17th March 2017.

There can be no doubt that we are living in dark and uncertain times, when many people throughout the world are fearful of what the future might bring. Bur darkness is always overcome by light. How meaningful and symbolic it is that we celebrate the Light of Christ coming into the world at the darkest time of the year. Bur soon after Christmas the light begins to grow stronger and the days become longer; in the countryside snowdrops appear in our churchyards and new-born lambs in the fields – the sun warms our faces and gladdens our hearts. But for most people, brightly lit urban lifestyles and supermarket shelves filled with global produce, can mask our dependence on the rhythmic nature of human life, on the agricultural cycle on which we all depend – and that resonates so beautifully with our church year. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal – and during this season of Lent, as we prepare ourselves for Holy Week, it is above all, a time when we reflect upon the depth and true meaning of our faith.

Heavenly Father,
 At a time of great uncertainty in this, our broken and fractured world – so often behest with violence, hatred and despair, we look to that greater light given to us by the birth, death and glorious resurrection of your Son our Saviour. As the days grow longer and the light becomes stronger, with renewed hope for a brighter future. We pray that peace will defeat the violence of war and terrorism, that hope will overcome despair – and that love will triumph over hate. And so we pray for peace in this world; for peace between nations, for peace between people of all faiths, for peace in our communities, for peace in our homes, and peace in our hearts.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord – Amen.

Pray for all refugees that leaders may strive to bring an end to the fear and despair of those walking to find relief, and for those struggling to take relief to them. For nations facing natural disasters and famine. For Doctors without Borders.
Following the atrocities at a school in Grasse in France, the prayers of the Grand Priory of the Knights Templar in the United Kingdom are with the injured and their families.

We pray for those known to us who seek comfort and relief from their illnesses and for the homeless; those seeking work; and for all in need of love, help and care.

God bless,