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Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom

From the Office of the Grand Priory Chaplain General

Fr. David James

The 'other' and me ....

Much of the popular press seems to be dominated by a desire to locate the 'other'. By this I mean that it's easy (and apparently attractive) to stereotype those we feel are not 'like us' and so to make them less than we are.

This desire to lessen the 'other' can have unfortunate consequences. It leads me to think that I'm in some way superior to others, and that I can live without giving them respect. Voluntary groups which rely heavily on altruism can in a strange way attract those who after some time reveal that they are not really suited to the job they've been given! Much of this mismatch is based on an unrealistic appreciation of who I am, and also an arrogance about my talents! The remedy for this is of course a good look in the mirror of my soul, as well as an honest realisation that it might be time to let go...

So my appreciation of the other person is almost always based on my self worth, if I feel I have to isolate others, call their humanity into question or just make them less than me, then maybe it's because I'm not so confident as I once thought?

The beauty of community is that it becomes the place where I am confronted with myself as well as with the 'other'. If we feel that we are struggling to find out who we are and what we have to offer, community is the place where we find the honest answer (we may not like this of course).

St. Bernard of Clairvaux realised this truth. His Rule which influenced the medieval Templars was to be lived in community with all its contradictions and opportunities for growth.

In a society which so easily puts people into categories and sees them as 'others' it serves us well to remember that we serve a God who became the 'other' so as to lead all humanity back to the One who has created all.

Spend a little time in your prayers for those on our prayer list, and never forgot the lonely, the desperate and the suicidal. Remember also those suffering from the floods in the Philippines and the fires in Australia.

God bless,

Fr. David