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Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom

From the Office of the Grand Priory Chaplains 

Rev. Fr. David James

“Of Angels and Men…….”                                                             11th October 2019.

We recently celebrated the Feast of St Michael and All Angels, closely followed by The Guardian Angels. Some Christians find these commemorations a little difficult, as they may never had experience of the ministry of angels, or have received poor teaching on the subject. This is rather odd, as if one visits any town or city one is bound to find a ’new age’ shop full of stuff {mostly tat} relating to the work of angels!

Perhaps the issue for modern day Christians relates to a childlike understanding of angels. We are stuck with the bedtime blessing of nursery years, and having failed to move on are deprived of their ministry. So what can we do about it? Biblically there is clear evidence for both the existence and ministry of angels. The Old Testament sees them primarily as messengers of God’s will and purposes, as well as protectors in times of trouble. Our Lady is told of the incarnation of the Christ by the ministry of an angel; he even asks her for her willingness to say ‘Yes’. Jesus is ministered to by angels at his time in the desert, as he seeks to discover who he is and what he should be. The apostles encounter angels at various times in their ministries, and the Revelation of St John is full of allusions to their work.

Clearly, we need to take the Biblical witness to them seriously. Many of our churches are decorated with them, particularly if we are fortunate enough to worship in a medieval one.

The issue lies I think in our failure to appreciate their role in our spiritual lives. Angels are spiritual beings engaged in spiritual work. This implies that they are not apprehended by the physical senses primarily, but can be sensed by our spirits. They do not possess free will, and so cannot be disobedient to the will of God. Evidence from Scripture does however point to the disobedience of angels as being part of the ‘fall’, leading to Satan being referred to as ‘the fallen angel’. Clearly there was an opportunity for angelic choice!

Angels are mostly busy with the praise and worship of God, they stand before the Heavenly Throne praising God ‘by night and by day’ in other words, constantly. They do have a secondary role, which is as guardians of the faithful. Jesus alludes to this ministry in his conversation regarding the place of ‘little ones’ in the kingdom of heaven. He states clearly that these have their angel in heaven.

Developing this teaching the Church has come to see that every Christian; indeed, every person, has their own guardian angel. You have one! So lets’ make the most of their generosity and protection. Pray that the guardian angels will shield you from sin, fight with you against evil and injustice, and guard you from harm. In our worship may we become aware of their company, in our prayers of their assistance, and at the hour of our death their presence.

‘Angels of the Lord Bless the Lord, to Him be praise and glory forever ‘.

Do not forget to pray for our knights and dames, friends and families who are in need.

God bless,

Fr David.