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The Order is keen to welcome into membership all who share a common understanding of modern Templary, so that we can work together to further our charitable objectives and to provide mutual support to each other as members of the Order.
We feel that it is important to stress to potential applicants certain characteristics of the modern Order. We do this to help enquirers reach an informed decision about pursuing an application for membership.
Firstly, we draw your attention to the Constitution of the Grand Priory of the United Kingdom available soon [here] in Adobe PDF format. Please read the document in full and, in particular, the following sections:
• The Rule
• Membership
• Admission Process
• Financial Year and Annual Membership Dues
If you are interested in making an application to join the Order, then please also take time to read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, which is repeated below.

Membership – FAQs

  • We are a Christian ecumenical Chivalric Order of men and women over the age of 18.
  • We are not a secret society; not masonic; not a church; and have no esoteric leanings. Please don’t expect to be enlightened with some arcane ‘hidden’ knowledge, because nothing exists.
  • We are aware that some groups like to pretend that they are custodians of such ‘knowledge’, but it tends to be highly creative and may contain imaginative fiction with an overdone blend of various esoteric threads.
  • As with the original Knights we stress religious tolerance to all genuine faiths.
  • Applicants must have been baptised/Christened in a main-stream chapel/church and are expected to be followers of Christ and to demonstrate their personal beliefs and understanding of commitment to the faith with recent church/chapel attendance, standing firm in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
  • On the application form we ask: personal details i.e. full name, address, occupation, date of birth; Christian denomination; any vocational and professional qualifications; marital status and the names of 2 referees, one of which to be parish priest/minister/church leader or the chair of a local charity/fraternal organisation who knows you personally. All this information is kept in confidence and is not sold, traded or passed on to any other persons or organisations.
  • We do not sell titles.

Please be aware that not all applications are successful, and we reserve the right to decline without a reason, but politely and with thanks.

  • ·       As a Templar you will be expected to participate in the modern Templar work of charity, meetings and social events. As Templars we are all brothers and sisters and you enter into a lifelong commitment supporting the work of the Order as far as your personal circumstances allow.

  • We do not use our titles of Chevalier/Dame outside the Order; they are not transferrable or inheritable. (Nor have they ever been).


  • The Seneschal will ask several questions of you and from your replies will decide on how to or not to proceed.


  • Once you have been invited to apply for membership you will complete the application form in full and send it to the Seneschal with a £15 non-refundable administration fee.
  • If your application is successful, we will invite you to become a Novice and you will be admitted into the Order in a church service led by a legally ordained Chaplain. For this service we will lend you a plain white mantle, and all you pay for is the Novice insignia £50*, which will then be exchanged at no extra cost for the neck cross and ribbon of a Dame/Chevalier/Chaplain when you are invested as a Knight, Dame or Chaplain. This ceremony again held within a church service following an invitation to receive the Accolade. On both occasions vows are taken to the nation and to the Order.

At this point you become responsible for the purchase from us of a distinctive white mantle with the red cross of the Templars. The approximate cost of the mantle is £140*.

  • There is then an annual membership fee of £52 per year payable from the time you become a novice.
  • Applicants are responsible for their own costs for travel and accommodation.


  • Between 6 to 12 months, and before this process starts you will be required to meet informally an Officer or Officers of the Order in a social and friendly atmosphere. After acceptance to become a Novice, we also expect attendance to at least one national event and also to a local meeting.
  • After becoming a Novice, you will be expected to research some aspect of either modern or original Templars and produce a 3 to 4 page non-fiction project on a subject agreed with the Seneschal, who may appoint a senior Member as your mentor. This is to make sure Novices have looked further into Templarism than just the wearing of a white mantle.


  • To be a member of a worldwide, ecumenical Christian chivalric group of men and women who take their inspiration from the highest ideals of the medieval Order of the Knights Templar, founded circa 1118. The Order of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom belongs to the umbrella group of OSMTH which is recognised as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) by the United Nations, the first Templar group afforded this integrity.
  • We support many charitable organisations both locally through the Commanderies and Preceptories (local groups) and nationally and internationally through the Grand Priory in the United Kingdom.
  • The Grand Priory has 2 Trusts: Templar Pilgrimage Trust and the Templar Heritage Trust
  • Visit our website for a very full and informative guide about becoming and being a Templar.


  • If you are in sympathy with the ideals and objectives of the Order, but do not wish to take on the commitments of full membership, then you may choose to apply as a Friend. Friends can participate in the Order’s work, attend meetings, wear the pin badge of the Order and receive copies of the Grand Priory’s newsletters as available. Friends cannot stand for office, do not have a vote and cannot wear the white mantle of a Templar. Subscription £15 p.a.


  • If you are happy with all the details above and wish to be considered for membership or as a Friend, then please reply to the Seneschal* in the affirmative.
  • If you have any questions, then contact the Seneschal who will be happy to respond.
  • If you do not wish any further communication, then please inform the Seneschal.
  • *What is the roll of the Seneschal? This Officer holds a Chapter post and is responsible for the receipt from interested enquirers and the possible progression of successful applicants through to becoming a Dame/Chevalier/Chaplain.


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Reply truthfully, honestly and prayerfully to any questions asked by the Seneschal.

(*Current costs)

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